Stitch Fix Box Review- January 2016

I’ve been getting Stitch Fix for just over 6 months now. What is Stitch Fix?

It is a subscription box service with clothes. You fill out a style profile, and a stylist sends you a box filled usually with 5 items that are catered to your profile. Once received, you get to try everything on in the comfort of your own home, and decide what to keep or return. There is also a 25% discount if you choose to keep everything in the box!

I recently signed up as a Stitch Fix Affiliate, and this is my “official” first review!!!

So without further ado:


If I catch the FedEx man with this I will quite literally, prance out on the front porch to greet him. This is major excitement for me each time I get a new fix!


Upon opening, the directions are printed on the inside flap.


Look how they have them so neatly bundled! Well, I mean, this time it was a little ripped, but I love how they are in there!

I didn’t take pictures of my note from my stylist. She always writes me something, and lets me know why she picked what she did. I also LOVED that she let me know how some items would go with items from my November Fix!

There are also pictures of how your items can go as outfits. Its a good way to visualize how you may use them.

My first item:

i-8sSkXP6-S IMG_1550

Jolli Knit Top- $58 I am in LOVE with this top. I will be the first to admit that I have a thing for stripes. This one combines horizontal and diagonal stripes. What you can’t fully see is the back is slit all the way up the back right. It overlaps which makes it less sexy 😉 The fabric, cut, and color was just too fantastic.

Verdict: Kept! While it was pricier than I would usually spend for a top I just loved it!

Also pictured:

Dayna Skinny Jean- $88 I was torn on these. They were super comfortable, and fit with just a little extra room in the waist. However, these were supposed to be skinny jeans, and were fitting more like a boyfriend cut. There was too much bagging in the legs.

Verdict: Returned The price was right, but the fit wasn’t right.

Next up!

i-BRRxMP8-S i-h8SCLB4-S

Concord Reversible Plaid Chevron Scarf- $38 Yes, yes, yes!!! I love scarves. Plus this was right on time! Our temperatures are just starting to drop here, and I almost always have a scarf on. Add in that this bad boy is plaid, and I fell in love!

Verdict: Kept! While $38 is a little more than I would usually spend, I’m starting to get pickier with what I add. I can see myself using this quite often in the future.

Then we had:


David Faux Suede Jacket- $78 I really wanted to love this. It was “me” , and my stylist did get it right. With that said, the sleeves were really long, and when this jacket was zipped it looked awful on me. I’m one of those people that if I have a jacket it needs to look good both open and closed.

Verdit- Returned While Eli loved this on me, I felt I was forcing it a bit. Then there is the whole being pickier thing again. If I’m going to spend money on a jacket like this I need to love it, and I didn’t.

Final item up:

i-dPVKT7R-S IMG_1580

Presley Colorblock Button-Back Sweater- $68 This was just mean! From the minute I saw this sweater out of the box I knew it was for me. Clearly my stylist had been checking my Pinterest Board because this was my absolute favorite item in the box. I loved the color, fit, buttons, color blocking, but not the price.

Verdict: Kept Darn you stylist! This was WAY too me to not buy. I justified it…a lot. Recently I had cleaned out a LOAD of clothes from my wardrobe. A lot of things had gotten big, I never wear, or were just out of style. I will wear this ANYWHERE.

This box was exemplary. I had returned everything from my last box because of Christmas, and my weight loss had completely thrown off my measurements. I had to go back and adjust everything in my profile. Its been exciting to see how my stylist and I are getting more and more in sync with eachother. She takes a lot of the guess work out of shopping!

Do you have a Stitch Fix subscription? How do you like it?

If you don’t have one click the link below and check it out!

**disclaimer I AM an affiliate so I do get commission if you sign up. Honesty is the best policy :)



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